Story Catchers has worked with a diverse range of clients – we throw ourselves into every project we do however big or small. Here is bit about our latest books to give you an insight into our world.

Ali's summer flavouRS (2015) by Ali benammar

Story Catchers has worked on two books for ambitious and talented North London chef Ali Bennamar who runs a boutique café in Crouch End called Coffee Cake, serving Algerian/French food.

For his second book, Ali wanted to move away from long and complicated recipes and demonstrate that absolutely anyone can cook – so the key was simplicity.  This principle guided everything we did from the writing to the layout and the photography.

On the design front Marga created a light and summery design for each layout. The recipes were presented in a clear and crisp manner and she used colours to complement the dishes and to draw readers in.

The photoshoots were a real team effort – Ali cooked all 39 recipes and we had to ensure the food remained looking fresh throughout the day, the lighting had to be as natural as possible to link in with the summery theme and although the props were key to the overall look we had to be careful not to overpower the star of the show– the dishes! Add to this a tight time frame it took some intense planning sessions to get it right!  “Piero and Marga worked wonderfully together during the photoshoots and the final pictures were beyond my expectation,” said Ali.

A Year of Sew Much Fun (2014) by Roz Davies

In 2014 Story Catchers worked on a book for the incredibly creative and passionate owner of Sew Much Fun - a popular Primrose Hill-based sewing shop which runs classes for adults and children. Roz always dreamed of writing a book to pass on her expertise and encourage people of all ages to give sewing a go. She also wanted to use the book to attract new customers and allow her current customers to try her projects at home. We helped Roz compile her favourite sewing patterns themed by the month of the year, accompanied by beautiful photographs styled with vintage toys and props. It was a family affair and Roz's two girls and even her dog featured in the photoshoot!


Ali's first book Family Flavours featured his amazingly photogenic food and story of growing up in Communist Algeria, learning to cook from his mother alongside his 12 brothers and sisters. He arrived in the UK with just £100 to his name and a determination to bring the flavoursome dishes from his family kitchen to the British public.

Ali’s family history is inextricably linked to everything he cooks so we accompanied every recipe with a beautifully written story, conjuring up the sights, sounds and smells of North Africa in the 1970’s.

Ali had never used weighing scales or written down a recipe before embarking on this project so he had to adapt to a completely different way of working.

Ali comments: “At first I was absolutely terrified as I didn’t know where to start but with Emily’s encouragement she helped me work out how to communicate a lifetime of cooking expertise to my readers. I really enjoyed the whole process and missed it when it was over...which led to book number two!”

Here are some other businesses and organisations we’ve helped along the way:


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