Story Catchers will help you to get your voice heard in a way that connects emotionally with your readers


Emily, Marga and Piero have collaborated with each other for over 10 years, working side-by-side in companies and on freelance projects.

We began helping small businesses to self-publish books in 2011 and with every successful book we created we became more and more passionate about what we were doing.

We decided to launch Story Catchers as we realised we had discovered our niche - a personalised self-publishing service which approaches each client as an individual. Between the three of us we have the experience to turn ideas into beautiful books.


Be Memorable

  • Want to share your business experience and know-how with customers new and old?
  • Want to expand your reach and gain new customers?

  • Want to see your business’ achievements in print?

 Story Catchers can help you do all of these things and more. We are keen believers in the power of print and have seen how having a book self-published can really make change happen.

 Story Catchers provides a personalised service for each of its customers.  We start off by coming to meet you to find out exactly what you need. We are very flexible and can conduct meetings over Skype, over the phone and in person and we always skip unnecessary meetings. We are quick to respond to emails and concerns and once you commission us we will jump straight in. 



  • Help you organise your ideas into a book

  • Tell your story in a way which connects with your customers

  • Develop a design for your book which complements your brand

  • Organise photoshoots either on your premises or arrange studio space

  • Take beautiful photographs which draw in your readers

  • Liaise with the printer to ensure you end up with a book you can be proud of

  • Change how your customers / clients perceive you